There’s one reason we all look forward to prom…The dreamlike ambience and the surreal atmosphere. And much more than the music, the limos, the dresses, tuxedos and the lights - we know that the music can either make it heavenly or a bore.

Perfect music creates the perfect atmosphere and takes you to a whole new realm - Let’s take you there.

We give you nothing but the best. With us, you are sure to get a memorable event that is sure to stretch your mind to a height of perfection it will never recover from.


Our services include creating an interactive setting as required, while also giving you the perfect prom experience that cannot be bested by any other.

We make sure that the words of every heart are expressed by every key, every lyric and every rhythm that seeps through our top-notch speakers, well complemented by our advanced, and state-of-the-art amplifiers and mixers.

Forget the stories of after-prom woes. With us, you don’t have to bother about set-up and take-down timing. We have an efficient team of professionals who have mastered the art of quick, efficient set-up and expressed take-down every time.