Sweet sixteen parties

Sixteen only comes once, but the memory lingers forever. Allow us to give you a super individual sweet sixteen worth remembering, one that brings you back to being sixteen everytime you take a trip down memory lane.

We make each event unique with customized music playlists, and cues tailored to the exact requirements of our clients.

We know how important this celebration is to you, and we recognize that the place of music is one of grave essentiality. And with this in mind, we aim to please. We are ushering you into the next sweet phase with a big bang.

Sweet sixteen parties

Music is our craft, and we know that each crowd is different, and each event is a wholly different experience. So we carefully handpick a list of dynamic sounds that can keep the crowd, and keep them dancing no matter their musical taste.

Whether it’s at home or a venue, we set up long before your first guest arrives, and we guarantee uninterrupted music to use as needed. Let us take you to a whole new world with bouncy tunes, evergreen rhythms and compelling lyrics that are befitting of your fairytale-like celebration.


You can rest assured in our expertise to give you a party to remember, not just by you, but by your lovely friends and family.

Sweet sixteen parties