Techno music

And if you want to switch it up for some high-energy music to raise the roof, look no further - we’re your best bet, we get the party started, and it doesn’t stop till you’ve had enough - and that’s going to be a long time.


Music is beautifully dynamic, and the Techno music genre being one of the most energetic sorts requires a DJ who is equal to the task. We are fully aware of this and we are always happy to be your first and best choice.

Techno music

We perform at every type of event, and we do not just let the music do all the work, we give you value for your money.

Whether it’s at Bars, Clubs, gigs, your private or public events, parties and gatherings of any kind, and shows, we make the place electric with an ever-ready attitude that is hard to ignore.

Our playlist system will blow your mind!

It features the full house; from hardcore techno to ambient techno. But more than the ‘what’, it’s the ‘How’; our playing style ensures that there is never a dull moment, and every track is met with optimum positive reaction, as we also keep the crowd entertained.

Techno music